Swim Video Analysis

We can get a great view of your stroke underwater!
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Swim Video Analysis

Video analysis done locally… or from afar!

In-person Video Analysis Locally

You will be analyzed in person and you’ll participate in a complete discussion of tips and drills! We have two options: (1) You can simply look at the video with us and discuss, or (2) choose to have a custom video made after your session, with discussion, narration, and still frames showing technique issues.
– In-person review: $60 for each 30-minute session.
– Optional add-on: custom detailed personal video made after session: additional $100 (sent to you via private youtube link, something like this one:

Online Video Analysis Afar

Upload one or more clips (total of 5 minutes) to YouTube or Vimeo (see below on how to share video with your coach), and then email your coach a link to the clip for analysis. You’ll receive a detailed analysis email with complete discussion of technique with tips and drills.
-Rate: $60
Follow these 3 steps:
1) Take one or more videos with a phone, GoPro, or other camera and upload it to Youtube or Vimeo. For swimmers, videos can be taken underwater or from the deck (both if you like). Choose the “Unlisted” video option in YouTube’s privacy settings, or in Vimeo, enter your coach’s email address in the Vimeo privacy settings page under the “Only people with a password” option.
2) Email your coach the links and to receive payment address instructions.
3) Your analysis will arrive by email and you can start improving!

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