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Adult Lessons, Triathlon Coaching, and Swim Stroke Video Analyses

“Thank you again for all the help, my confidence in the water is through the roof because of you.”
-B.C., Huntsville (Navy pilot, training for mile-long swim in flight suit) “This is basically the best money I’ve ever spent on swimming. You should charge more! Thank you so much, I love love love this!!”
-L.N., Huntsville pentathlete, commenting on swim video analysis “Before training with you, my swim used to be the WORST part of my race. Now it’s my best.”
-D.T., Huntsville ” We wanted to say how much we have enjoyed taking lessons and how much we feel we have improved as swimmers – I no longer dread going to the pool (which is a victory in itself!”
-T.D., Huntsville “Thanks for all your work to improve my swimming. The (triathlon) went pretty well… My swim improved by 0.5 mph and I was NOT exhausted when I got out of the water. Thanks again.”
-R.B., Madison “In the first lesson, Ali gave me techniques that improved my power by 30 to 50 percent.”
-L.B., Decatur “Ali …was very patient (with me) as I first had to overcome my fear of water. She knew just what I needed to be successful with my first triathlon. I can now say with confidence that I can swim! “
-C.H., Hartselle “Just want to say a really big THANK YOU to my swimming instructor, Ali Meeks. She has taken a guy who was honestly afraid of water and given him a huge confidence boost. Words cannot express how grateful I am for all of the instruction you’ve given me, Ali. I’m glad I had such an awesome teacher!”
-B.H., Athens “It feels really good to not be afraid of the water. Think I can give Michael Phelps a run for his money?!? Think people would believe that I only learned how to swim less than a year ago?”
-D.G., Decatur “I went from someone who had just recovered from a long, difficult illness, who had only exercised occasionally during the previous five years, to swimming 3 miles across Pensacola Bay! I had always dreamed of becoming an open-water swimmer, but didn’t know how to start. I had no idea how to train for a swim of this distance. But then I met Ali. Ali reassured me, helped me improve my stroke, and created a tailored workout program for me.
She is an excellent one-on-one teacher who really explained things in ways I could understand. And she made every session FUN! I accomplished my goal in only 14 weeks. I will never forget this experience. Best of all, I have my health back!”

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