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Swim Clinics


This year’s clinic will be held on Saturday May 21, 2022 from 9:30 to 10:30 am at Honeycomb Campground Swim Beach in Huntsville, AL

This clinic is a great way to learn the basics of open water swimming and become more comfortable in a controlled setting – for fitness swimmers and triathletes. We will introduce and review techniques that will improve open water ease and comfort, including: dealing with anxiety, resting, sighting, starts/turn buoys/finishes, and simulations of group swimming conditions.

WHEN: Saturday, May 21 from 9:30 to 10:30 am. You may come early and/or stay as long as you wish afterward to practice at the beach. As within the clinics, you are responsible for your own swim safety at all times.

WHERE: Honeycomb Campground Swim Beach where the clinics will take place contains shallow water but has deeper areas that are all within a marked clear swim area at a professionally managed campground. The beach is 120 yards across at the shallow end and 50 yards across at the deep end. Attendees can remain where they can touch bottom and can advance to deeper areas within the swim area. Clinics will take place within the marked area and swimmers will be able to practice skills. There are restrooms, running water, and shaded picnic tables present at the beach.

We will meet at the beach. There is an $8 per car parking fee at the campground, payable at the welcome cabin that you encounter upon entry to the campground (Honeycomb Campground, address: 188 Campground Rd, Grant, Alabama 35747).

WHO: These clinics are for all levels of open water swimmers, from beginning to advanced. You will want to know basic swimming to participate in these, but you do not have to be an accomplished swimmer. These clinics are to help you become accustomed and learn skills for open water swimming. Clearly, we cannot guarantee that you will be ready for a certain distance or race after participating; only you can judge your own readiness for events. We hope to provide time and opportunity for you to practice in an informative, supportive environment so that you can move toward your goals.

WHAT TO BRING: All you will need is sunscreen, a swim suit, a pair of goggles that fit (a good fit test is – do they stay suctioned to your eyes for a few seconds without the straps on?). If you have long hair, you will want a swim cap (silicone caps are easier to put on than latex, and lasts longer). All of these can be purchased at Fleet Feet Huntsville, Academy Sports, or similar stores.

SAFETY: You are ultimately and solely responsible for your own safety. By signing up for this event, you are accepting this responsibility.


ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS: Reach out to us on this form, and we’ll get right back to you!

*Note: Swim clinics above are primarily geared for those who can swim – meaning, can jump into the deep end without fear, and can comfortably tread water and float. We offer private swim lessons for those learning to swim for the first time.

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