Endurance Coaching

We help swimmers, cyclists, and triathletes achieve their goals -- from a first triathlon to swimming 24 miles across Lake Tahoe.
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Endurance Coaching

Who We Coach

We only take a limited roster of athletes in swimming, cycling, or triathlon who are committed to becoming stronger, more capable, more confident, and more resilient than they’ve ever been. As our athlete, you work with a nationally certified coach who develops a comprehensive training approach for you. We have helped athletes achieve a myriad of goals — from a first triathlon to swimming 24 miles across Lake Tahoe.

Our System

At the onset of your new coaching relationship, we enter into Phase 1, Assessment, where we learn and analyze your status. We then move to Phase 2, Training, and at certain periods within that we have a Phase 3, Perform. After key performances, we go to Phase 4, where we review what we’ve achieved and learned to apply to the next cycle.

What You Get

You get a committed coach, mentor, friend, and partner in your goals, who tailors your training toward your individual goals, delivered online via your free TrainingPeaks (app) account. Details of our system are:



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What You Give

Coaching is a two-way street! Your success with our system will depend on your ability to:

  • Train with a device that records and measures heart rate. If you don’t yet own a device, we are happy to make some recommendations.
  • Upload your workouts consistently and communicate feedback about your workouts.
  • Be mostly (~90%) compliant to the plan.
  • Have fun. Our endurance sports are about pushing the envelope … but if you are having fun, you will perform well.
  • Our coaching rates are $99 for the first month, and $249 thereafter with a 9 month commitment. This commitment isn’t set up so that we lock our athletes in; rather it’s the opposite – we ask you for this time to give us both freedom and openness toward success. To set you on the strongest path to success we can, we need to get to know you as an athlete and become a team as athlete and coach. Having a longer runway helps us get there.

Our Service Philosophy

Our philosophy at ReadySetSweat is that we consistently strive to give our clients the best service we possibly can. Our best service means that we continually research the latest information on endurance training and apply that to your training crafted with your goals and growth in mind. Our best service also means that we know that endurance athletics is not a nine to five activity, and neither is coaching. A coach is a technical advisor, a mentor, and a friend. We go through ups and downs with you, accept challenges with you, and celebrate victories with you. We know that you honor us with your business and we thank you for it. Enjoy your coaching!

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