Good day Sweaters and Swimmers! Today, we are going to chat about one of the technological advances of our age. Ok, maybe of an age that has been here for awhile... THE MIRACLE OF UNDERWATER VIDEO.  Since the dawn of celluloid film, underwater video analysis has been one of the secret tricks of the swimming trade. However, it's not always been an easy (or cheap) trick.

When I was a youngster... (and here you need to say this part in a crotchety voice), "When I was a youngster, if we wanted to see underwater video, the pool had to have an underwater window that you crawled down into through some kind of sketchy trapdoor staircase, plus you had to have an over-the-shoulder VHS camera so that you could be filmed like a salmon in a fish ladder.  Your coach had to be brave enough to crawl through the spiders and the dank mold in order to have even a peep of the mystical underwater world. Then, once you were filmed, you had to sit there and freeze to death while your coach pointed out your stroke flaws and tried not to get electrocuted by all the wires on the pool deck. And don't even talk to me about making a copy to keep. That will be an extra $200 so that we can buy a VHS copying machine."

Well, 1990 self, here's what I have to say to that. Just a few choice words. Go-Pro. IPhone. Youtube. 

So, see? We should be so lucky.

But why be filmed at all?

For one thing, you would absolutely not believe what you can see. It is crazy! There are arms and legs flailing everywhere, there are bubbles flying. There are feet bopping here, there, and yonder. Whenever I am filmed, it reminds me a lot of those traffic cameras that take your picture when you are speeding. "Officer, there is NO WAY that is me. Oh wait, you have a PICTURE? Ok, yeah, I guess that was me." I can't hide with underwater video. It is all there in living color for me, ready or not! :)

Most interestingly, oftentimes I think I am doing something, when in fact I am doing the exact opposite thing. Even more often, I think I am doing something a LOT, when in fact I am barely doing that thing at all. Still don't believe me? See an example video analysis of me here. (If you can't critique yourself, you can't critique anyone). 

So you want to be an mermaid/merman in perpetuity? It's $55, and all you have to do is give me a call, and we'll set up a time to meet and film you (or you can even send a youtube link if you don't live anywhere near me), and you'll get a private annotated video that only you can see. 

Just get ready with your alibi.



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